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Player Information

Name: Katie
Age: 23
Contact Info:
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Hope Irving
Canon: Fallout 3
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Canon Point: Post Fallout 3, Broken Steel, Operation Anchorage and Point Lookout dlcs

Background Link: The World | The Game | DLC

Character specific history:
Hope escaped from vault 101 when she was 19. She then went on a quest to find her father and then after finding him, to set up a water purifier with the Brotherhood of Steel. She also completed many side quests along the way. Some points from her history that define her:
Main Quest:
-Did not blow up Megaton
-Did not put the virus in the water supply
-Helped the Brotherhood defeat the Enclave

Good Karma/some Side Quests
-helped Moira with her research honestly, rescued child slaves, helped runaway slaves, killed slavers, rescued the people from Bigtown and helped them defend themselves, helped traders, found a violin for Agatha.

-Sided with the ghoul Desmond over the brain the the jar in their weird great game.

-A set of wasteland clothing.
-A small pouch of bottlecaps
-Nerfed pipboy : working geiger counter, radio with only static, working flashlight and the notes and audio logs already on it


Hope started off as a sheltered, nerdy young woman who was full of hope and optimism. Then she ended up in a world where people will kill you to sell your clothes or sell you into slavery or worse. Despite all this she has managed to survive much longer then most people would think it possible. She relies on her head to think her way or talk her way through problems when she can but she realizes that sometimes you just have to use violence. She doesn't like to kill people but she wants to survive so she'll kill when she has to. She's book smart in a world that doesn't have many books and she followed in her dads footsteps in training to be a doctor when she was in the vault. She's also growing used to using death to solve problems in a way that scares her more then she'd like to admit.

Despite being in an apocalyptic wasteland and nearly dying a few times, Hope has not completely lost her sense of ....well hope, especially compared to most residents of the wasteland. She works towards a better future because she believes it is the right thing to do. She's determined to help whoever she finds and is more then a little obsessive with it. It helps cover up the fact that she doesn't know what to do with her life now that the purifier is working, the Enclave is defeated and she doesn't have a solid goal anymore.

Despite being pretty optimistic, Hope does tend to keep her emotions bottled up and wear a smile for the people around her. The radio calls her a hero and she knows that the world needs one and well, she's decided she's going to be it. That means she has to hide certain things from the people she meets and project an image of hope to match her name. Mostly because they only see her briefly before she moves on. Only the people who know her very well will get to see that sometimes she's just barely holding it together herself. She had to hide all emotions after her father died and she's still processing his death herself. She's lost her father, been kicked out of her only home for helping them and believes she's a bit jinxed. There's a reason when she's in a fever dream she comes across a bobblehead that says "Isn't it funny how everyone you get close to ends up leaving".

Hope is the sort of person who sets goals and then reaches them no matter what. Despite some people thinking she's a saint she is aware that she lives in the wasteland now is willing to do what she thinks is necessary. She wanted to find her father, moved heaven and earth till she did. She wanted to get the purifier working and avenge her fathers death. She shot the man responsible for his death even though she believes she could have talked him down and then was ready to give up her life to turn the machine on again, in fact she thought she was doing exactly that and was surprised when she woke up. She wanted to stop a cult from giving out highly irradiated water she....gave herself near lethal radiation poisoning to pretend to be their saint to tell them to quit it. She's very dedicated, even to really dumb ideas like that last one. She's only 19, every idea can't be gold. Which is another point, she's only 19 and while she's been through a lot, there's still a lot she doesn't know still.

Getting out of the vault, Hope is a lot better at talking to people then she used to be. In the vault she grew up with a small group of people in a small place, now she can wander and meet all sorts of people and then move on. She loves this. Wandering and exploring is something she needs to do and she doesn't like to stay in one place for more then a week if she can help it. She usually travels by herself or with one other person or her dog. She likes exploring alone but she also likes meeting new people who aren't trying to kill her. She has a few places to store her things but she doesn't want to settle down anywhere for good just yet.

Most people see her as naive as she believes in the best of people even when she is proven wrong many times. She treats strangers and even ghouls and the super mutants who aren't trying to kill her, well. She sees this as being nice but the trusting bit has also walked her into more then a few traps then other more cynical people might have avoided. Which is funny because to people who don't live in a wasteland, her ideas of how the world is supposed to work are going to come off as terribly cynical.

Flavor Abilities:

Hope is a character who explores wastelands as part of her life. This would be a new sort of wasteland to drop her in. Especially new to her as she's never experienced actual snow before just read about it or seen it in a virtual simulation. She's going to want to explore and try and map the place and figure out why she's here. She's going to think it's a virtual simulation especially after people start coming back from the dead.

I'd like her to have a few people eventually that she's willing to open up to about the stuff she just hides behind a mask. And being in contact with people instead of only seeing them rarely in her travels will help with this. Also being stuck in one location will make her very unhappy because she's gotten used to wandering freely.

Basically she's used to surviving and strange adventures and I'd like to continue this trend by sticking her in a new place.

RP Samples:
Network sample
Action sample